Rocket Espresso Appartamento

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ESE353E0460 and ESE353E0480-WH

Rocket is well known for its attractive, eye-catching home espresso machines, and their classic Appartamento machine is no exception. The machine features a stainless steel casing with perforations that reveal either copper or white side panels beneath, adding a colorful, striking flair that can't be found on any other home espresso machine!

In addition to the unique side panels and stainless steel casing, the Rocket Appartamento takes up very little counter space!

E61 Group Head

With any E61 brew head, you’ll get pre-infusion of water that helps settle the grounds within the bed of coffee to best regulate the flavor of your coffee. This is mechanical pre-infusion should not be confused with other more controllable methods of achieving pre-infusion. To add control of pre-infusion and flow you might consider installing an E61 flow control device.

Becaue of this, the E61 group head used on the Rocket Appartamento is one of the most popular group configurations on the market. As a bonus, it's popularity has brought a familiarity that has made it both easy and cheap to repair should anything break, with parts readily available if needed.


Beneath the brew lever, there is a boil-pressure gauge featuring a sleek, black design. Not only does this gauge look fantastic, but it also helps you monitor your machine's vitals from an easily viewable area of the machine.

No-Burn Wands

All hot water and steam wands on Appartamento machines feature are constructed using stainless steel, with internal teflon tubing to help reduce external tempertures and protect you from potential burns and injuries.

Steaming Milk

Despite it's unassuming small frame, not only does the Appartamento make fantastic espresso, it also excels as a latte and cappuccino machine!

The steam and hot water wands are fully articulated, making steaming incredibly easy for even the unexperienced brewer, and with a 1.8 liter boiler, there is plenty of steam power to go around. You can easily feather the steam off a bit with the steam knob to give yourself a bit more time to make that perfect micro foam!

Water Tank

The Rocket Appartamento is a tank/reservoir-only home espresso machine. It’s a large, over two-liter bottom-fed reservoir. The tank can be easily accessed from the top of the machine, underneath the cup warmer. When the water level begins to dip, simply lift the lid of the machine, remove, and refill the tank! No major machine adjustments required!

Vibratory Pump

The Rocket Appartamento espresso machine has a 52-watt vibratory pump. This is one of the most common pumps across the lines of home espresso machines for its reliability and power. With additional measures to quiet the vibrations of the vibratory pump, Rocket has produced one of the quietest, yet most consistently powerful machines on the market.

Eco Mode

Now equipped with an Economy (ECO) Mode the Rocket Appartamento espresso machine is even better than ever! Make sure your machine is at the ready with just a lift of a lever. To enable ECO Mode on the Appartamento, there is a simple on and off button on the right bottom-front of the machine toward the front foot nearest to the brew (cam) lever.

When the button is pressed in, your Rocket Appartamento will automatically shut down after 90-minutes or 1.50-hours.

To re-engage the heating element i.e. start the machine back up, just lift the brew (cam) lever, and the Appartamento will start right back up!

During bench testing, we will not automatically turn on the ECO Mode. For more information read above, or in the supplemental manual included with your machine.


Troubleshooting Before bringing a machine in for repair, we will trouble shoot with you when appropriate. When troubleshooting the issue over the phone, we ask that you are in front of the machine and are able to perform basic actions. If we are unable to resolve the issue over the phone, you will be provided information on how to deliver the machine to our repair center. Do not send your equipment to us for repair without contacting us first to diagnose and setup an authorization. All equipment shipped without a valid authorization are subject to refusal at our warehouse. What's Covered? The warranty covers parts and labor required to repair the machine and any mechanical or electrical components (including, but not limited to, control boards, pumps, boilers, wiring, brew groups, hoses or motors) from defect or failure under normal use conditions. The warranty includes free return shipping to any location within the continental US. Customer must pay to ship the machine to our repair center if necessary. What isn't Covered? Warranty troubleshooting and repair does not apply to the following: Any defect arising from the misue of the machine, including but not limited to: • Not properly refilling the boiler during brewing and steaming processes, resulting in burnt out components • Excess scale buildup from unfiltered or hard water • Lack of regular thorough cleaning of the milk frothing components • Lack of regular maintenance of the machines' brew head • Damaged internal components from improper descaling • Use of non-commercial/household equipment in a commercial environment. Regular maintenance including, but not limited to: • Descaling • Thorough cleaning of the milk frothing components • Back-flushing Normal wear and tear on the machine, including but not limited to: • Replacement of gaskets • Scratches, dents or other surface marring of any components Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, APO/military addresses or outside of the US is not covered by the warranty; in these cases, the customer is responsible for shipping costs in both directions. How Long Will it Take for a Warranty Repair? Once we receive your machine in our repair center, we commit to repairing and returning the machine to you within 30 business days.